Monday, January 07, 2013

Sat the 12th

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks session of Pathfinder.  The party finished exploring the tunnels under Thistletop, fighting shadows, a demon, and a very nasty crab.  After some time off to rest, the party got involved tracking the culprit behind some very gruesome murders.   And discovered a necromancer with very nasty zombies.   There are many "very nasty" monsters roaming around Freeport, must be something in the water.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and providing dinner.

This weekend is normally the one I use to run Freeport.  However, somethings have come up.  Rob will be out of town and Barry can't make it due to some family stuff.  Also this weekend is the Solar Echoes demo at GCS, so some of you may be involved in or attending that event.  So I will just delay Freeport til next week.  I can run Pathfinder this week, but I need who will be there or otherwise occupied.

I will be there, but I do have to work and wont be able to show up until around 4:30 pm or so, depending on traffic.
Oh, what was our xp from this last session since we are going to be going back into Pathfinder this weekend?
Ok, after talking to most of the guys tonight, this is who should be showing up. Dwight and Curtis should be there. They are at least planning on attending the Solar Echoes at the store. Matt will be there as well and depending on how active the pre-launch is of the game, depends on when he can leave. Rob will be there, but he has to leave early, say around 7 pm or so. That should account for everybody now except for Terry, who we hope will be there, since it is his house. :)
Thanks for the update Paul. And oh yeah, experience awards. Each PC gets 2160 xp, which should bring everyone up to 4th level, with several of you close to 5th.
I may be there - depends on how long the game release goes.
Chicken fried steaks (pre-cooked, take 20 minutes in oven to warm them up), mashed potatoes and country gravy, maybe stuffing (if I have the ingrediants) to bribe the dm.

We can plan a late dinner to see if Matt can make it.
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