Friday, December 28, 2012

Saturday Dec 29th

Hey guys.  I am starting this post to let you know that we are looking at getting together this Saturday at the store just to hang out and play board games.  Try to be there between 2 and 3 or close to that.  Maybe we can get the back room for the day, not sure, but we can try.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make it.
Paul -- Glad to see you can now make posts. I thought everyone else, could by now. Guess not, we should check to make sure that Dwight and Curtis can at least make comments to posts. I contacted Barry, but he said he probably won't be able to make it due to family. Same here. However next week, I should be available. If Terry is back and ready, I'd like to run Pathfinder. If not, then we can plan on something else

I don't believe Dwight and Curtis can post. I know they can read posts here, but from it sounded like when I was talking with them on Thursday, they don't have the ability. Maybe it is because they don't have a google account to make it so they can post. Not entirely sure.

Please if you can't make it, post here. I don't want to make a trip up to the store and wait around for a couple of hours doing nothing if nobody is going to show up. I have a few errands that I need to run on Saturday, so, I'm looking at leaving my house around noon to go do them. I wont have access to the internet after I leave my house, so, please post if you are coming or not.
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