Monday, December 03, 2012

Sat the 8th

Hey Guys,

Thanks to everyone for showing up for the last Saturday's session of Pathfinder.  I had a lot of fun running it, especially the part with the goblin druid and the dire chickens.  Not part of the module, but it gave me a chance to play around with some new creatures and new templates.  Glad to see my creations were . . . . . . effective.  Hope everyone else had fun as well.  Thanks to Terry for the turkey and stuffing and muffins and stuffing and mashed potatoes and stuffing and for hosting the game (and for stuffing). 

This weekend I'd like to continue with Pathfinder instead of Freeport.  It would be more convenient for some of us run Freeport on the 15th, so I can run Pathfinder instead this weekend if we have enough people.  I'll post experience awards tomorrow after I figure everything up.  So who can be there this weekend??

A question for those of you more familiar with Pathfinder than me -- is there a way to negate or overcome immunity to nonlethal damage?? I've been looking for magical spells or a item that might do so, but haven't seen any. Just wondering if something like this exists in the system somewhere.
I'll be there this Saturday and I'll be there in the 3 o'clock hour or so, since I don't have to work.

As for the other, I'm not that familiar with the system to know off the top of my head. I did a google search and it didn't really turn up much on being able to overcome it. Maybe Rob knows.
Also, I lost the list of PC's and classes I had written down. Could you guys let me know again what classes you are playing??

I remember Paul is a gunslinger/rogue, and Terry is a cleric/magus, but I don't remember for sure everyone else' gestalt class combinations.
I should be there.

In Pathfinder, I'm playing a Druid Monk
Rob is playing a Pistoleer and Inquisitor if I remember correctly. I can't remember what Dwight or Curtis is playing off the top of my head...although, I think we had gotten Dwight to play a fighter something another since we didn't really have any other front line fighters in the party.
Oh, wait, I think one part of Curtis character was an Alchemist, because your NPC keeps giving him "pointers" in the middle of battle.
Citrus is Alchemist and Witch. Dwight is Fighter and Ranger. They both will be there Saturday.
Paul, who is Citrus????
He's a mild-mannered witch alchemist that specializes in acid damage and healing people who lack vitamin C.

Sorry, I typed that in on my phone and I guess I didn't catch it before I hit enter. What about the xp? :)
Paul, thanks for reminding me about the xp. I've forgot to figure it out with all the other stuff going on this week. Each PC earned 1240 xp for last week. Keeping track, that means Terry, Paul, and Rob should be at 4547 xp, about 1/3 of the way thru 3rd level. Curtis, Matt, and Dwight should be at 2546, over halfway through 2nd level.
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