Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sat the 15th

Hey Guys,

And once more unto the dungeon, dear PC's . . . . . .  or something.  Last week's session of Pathfinder was great.  Lots of destruction, near death experiences, evil creatures and the mystery of Citrus was finally solved.  Too bad you guys didn't let the chickens out to play, that would have just made things perfect.  Thanks to Terry for dinner and hosting.

This week it's time for our monthly session of Freeport.  Hopefully, Barry will be back and able to play.  So who can be there this week??

I'll be there, but not until around 4:30 pm or so, since I have to work that day.

Also, Kevin, did you give us xp for the last session? I can't remember back that far.
I should be there.
Tacos/Burritos for dinner.
oooooo..one of my favorites. :)

Paul -- sorry but I haven't had time to figure out xp for last session with everything else going on. I'll let you know at game time, I don't think it will be enough to make much difference.
Ok, well, I'm not even sure what level we are any more. I think we might be 11th, but I've made up my 12th level and not sure if that is a product of anything yet or not. I couldn't even remember if you gave xp out last time or not.

Hey guys. I talked with Matt, Dwight and Curtis tonight at the store and we were talking about getting together Saturday at the store between 2 and 3 pm to play some board games. I wish I could start a new post, but only two people seem to have that ability, so, hopefully you will see this.
What's your email address?
My Google one is Raknor@gmail.com.
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