Monday, November 26, 2012

Sat the First

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Those of us still in town played Pathfinder again.  The party managed to get into lots of trouble in Sandpoint,  but still found time to save the town, again.  It seems like the goblins in the area have moved from being a nuisance to a serious threat.  So of course, the party has been "invited" to investigate.  They explored some interesting ruins under the city and uncovered details of a plot to destroy Sandpoint.  Thanks again to Terry for hosting and providing dinner.

This week I'd like the continue running Pathfinder.  The party has completed three quarters of the first module and I'd like to continue with it this weekend.  So who can be there Saturday??

And of course the experience awards. Since the party managed to accomplish several goals at once, there several story awards of experience beyond the normal awards for combat and roleplaying. This means the party got a lot more experience than normal. Each party member received 2517 xp, which should be just enough for 3rd level. So Rob, Terry, and Paul should level up to third. The rest of you should level up to 2nd so that you are only one level behind. Looking at the rest of the module, I don't think the difference in levels should cause that much difficulty, especially since the PC's are gestalt. If there are problems, I'll change things. But I believe a mixed party of 2nd and 3rd level characters will be able to handle the rest of the module.
3rd level is 3300 XP in pathfinder (fast progression). So that added to the first session, is only 3,247 (53 XP short). So I'll only be 2nd level, unless the 2517 XP is for the second half of the evening.

And, I'll be here. Planning on turkey and stuffing.
I took what he posted as after we already got to 2nd level, because he told us to just level up to 2nd. He didn't give us any xp for that first part because the module said that we needed to be at 2nd.

I'll be there, but I have to work this weekend, so, it will be around 4:30 or so by the time I get there.
Those of you who have played both sessions should have 3307 xp so far.
I should be there.

We've been "invited" to investigate something? Surely, nothing can go wrong!

Mmmmm... turkey! Glad that it's inexpensive because it's also really good!

Just wondering if anyone talked to Curtis or Dwight to see if they would be there this afternoon.
I was not able to talk to either on Thursday night. I had wanted to when we were all leaving, but they left before my group even finished up our session. I hope Matt was able too since he games with them and they both were there on Thursday.
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