Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sat the 10th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone enjoyed our first session of Pathfinder; I know I had a lot of fun.   It's going to be interesting playing this system with all the differences from 3.5 D&D -- new classes,  weapons, and abilities, modified spells and combat options, etc.  I'm looking forward to exploring new things to  . . . . . . challenge the party with.  Thanks again to Terry for hosting and providing dinner.

Speaking of 3.5, this week it's another session of Freeport.  Last time the party fought numerous sahaguin and destroyed their whirlpool making machine.  But there was no sign of the missing dragon.  What happened to her??  And then there's still the matter of the missing ships from Freeport.  And the ghost ship that keeps reappearing.  And the weird chest that you found.  And  . . . . . . lots of other stuff.  In other words, plenty to keep the party busy.   So who can be there this Sat for some more heroics and villainy??

I should be there.

I'm assuming the missing dragon is undead, as is the ship, as is the entire party... hahahaha!

I'll be there, but I do have work, so not until around 4:30.

Also, did you want to make plans for Skyfall this Friday? Not sure what my funds will be, though.
Oh, I can't remember, but had you already given us xp for the last Freeport? How about the xp for Pathfinder?
Paul -- sorry, long story but didn't get a chance to post earlier this week about xp. I gave out experience for Freeport the last time we played. I'll bring the sheet with me so I can let you know what it was. Also, I got a message from Barry that he won't be able to make it today.
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