Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pathfinder Campaign

Alright, just got access to Terry's blog.  I posted on Schattenzone earlier, but can now post to this one.  Go ahead and leave comments or questions here.  I'll be checking later.

Behold! I'm here!

(Waits for sounds of applause to die down, then realizes nobody is clapping...)

So, yeah... I can post on this blog!
Kevin, re: starting regional feat...

Are you sure on that... you rather disliked that feat last time. Maybe shooting myself in the foot with this as I'm not one to argue with a kickass feat in most cases. You've just been pretty hot to trot on pathfinder only for this.

You'll notice a lot of those feats from the regionals like those four are the old 3.5 ones and haven't been reprinted or updated with pathfinder. The wiki even marks them as fan converted material to pathfinder.

Rob -- yes I'm allowing the Big Game Hunter feat. I don't really care for it for a couple of reasons, but I am still going to allow it. The feat was designed for the Runelords campaign, so it would be unfair for me not to allow it. I'll just have to adjust accordingly.
How Kevin will adjust accordingly: He'll convert all the Giants to "Small" size and have them use some similar feat against the party... hehehe...
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