Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Saturday, October 10th

For those who don't remember the gameathon (everyone was there, right):

Everyone at gameathon earned 20 Karma.
All characters received 100 Karma for completing the second year of high school.
All characters received 2 more initiations (grade 3 and grade 4).
(please add 26 karma to your total karma to track the value of the initiations)

For your summer field trip, you're being sent to Europe, with you magical group, and a dozen other classmates. You'll be spending most of your time in Saeder-Krupp corporate facilities, shadowing corporate employees, and sometimes assisting them. The fun part of the trip will be training with corporate security for a week, and participating in a mock battle with some new recruits.

You've been warned that there will be a lot of hard work involved. You will be expected to study current operations of the facilities you visit, work on planning sessions, assisting with the more mundane day-to-day chores of middle management, and finally assisting with the physical work of those being managed.

All in all, the trip will last for six weeks. Your first stop will be in Europort, a highly industrial and mostly automated port complex/city. After two weeks, you'll head to one of SK's central offices in Germany to work with their marketing teams. Finally, one of the last two weeks will be spent going through SK's first week of boot camp for their corporate military. The last week will leave time for tourism and other fun.

Remember, you've been offered your first "shadowrun" job. You've been asked to deliver a box to a specific office in the SK office you will be visiting. You need to get the box on the desk of the employee tat works in the office while he's there, and cant' kill anyone in the process. If you succeed, everyone who participates will get 10k nuyen.

Before you leave, you find a small stock of alchemical supplies on your boat with a message written in blood on the wall in your chemistry lab "payment for services rendered".

Refined Mineral Reagents: 32 unusually smooth quartz pebbles.

Refined Metal Reagents: two units of each metal reagent (iron, copper, silver, mercury and gold)(in the form of crude coins with a symbol of a book stamped on the surface)

Raw metal reagents: 50 units of raw iron dust

All of the reagents carry a strange astral signature, but are magically viable for use in talismongering or enchanting.

You have about to weeks before your trip if there's anything you want to do before you leave town.

Hehehe... the Blood Spirit apparently kept his word, in an odd way, by paying us.

Oh, we should buy a mountain of gel rounds before leaving, or at least make sure everyone in the party is capable of dealing plenty of Stun damage only since we don't want to kill anyone on this Shadowrun.
I don't think that we will be able to take our own weapons. I think they will be provided when we get there, at least for what SK needs for us to do. Not sure how we would be able to get our weapons to Europe. Either we try to find some when we get there, or, since we are all adepts, we are our own weapons to begin with.

How much karma did we get for last Saturday?

Also, could you give me a rundown of what this "battle pod" has for hardware and software. I might look into upgrading it once we get back home, but need to know more specifics. Especially since I may have ordered the stuff before we left to have delivered after we got back, since I did say that I was spending most of the two weeks before we left working in cyberspace as well as looking over the computer and it's software.
Karma award for working at the port construction site and fighting off the draconic terrorists:

8 Karma

As for a cyberterminal that doesn't require a datajack, under 2050s limitations:
1) It is effectively immobile
2) Capable of Cold Sim only
3) Response 2
4) Signal 0 (you have to be sitting in it, so signal is irrelevant anyways)
5) The current OS has a system rating of 3 and a firewall rating of 2

Writing a new operating system is possible, but very time consuming. The hardware is based on an outdated design, as all current designs assume users will be equipped with datajacks. The hardware will be expensive and difficult to update, and you'll have to do much of the work yourself. Few corporations are currently very interested in putting tons of money behind the current generation of cyber terminals that don't require datajacks, but they all wear that new technology is just around the corner that will make the current generation obsolete.
Ok. One of the things I was thinking about for our "shadowrun" was that we check to see how mail is delivered to the offices. Maybe we can use that way to have the package delivered to the office. If that doesn't work, then we have to find a way of getting a "tour" of those floors so we can try to deliver that package that way.
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