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Saturdy the 12th

First, the simple stuff: Buying guns.
He can get the ares predators easily, and will sell them to you for 450 nuyen. Full clips of ammo for the pistols costs 20 nuyen each. He doesn't normally deal in silencers, but also doesn't trust you enough to bother with them right now (silencers are much more illegal than the pistols, and the cops will press you more if you get caught.)

That plastic SMG is a 2070 weapon, so its not available yet.

You smuggler friend does ask what you're planning to assault, seeing as you seem more than capable of dealing with trouble unarmed, and nor you're looking for automatic weapons.

Forgot the smart goggles, he can get your a couple sets of regular smart goggles for 1,000 nuyen each, or get you sun glasses for 3,000 (useful if you want to have them on w/o drawing suspicion).

He might also be able to get some common SMGs if you ask about them (just the all plastic ones that aren't available yet).


Any hacker will tell you that building security is handled on closed systems. You need a hacker on site to deal with it. I don't believe you have any friends capable of the hacking AND willing to risk their lives storming a corporate office harboring vampires.

The vampires at least know of you, and how to find you. So concealing your magical ability will require that you completely conceal your identities while inside as well.

You might be able t find a hacker to get you building plans, at least the original building plans. Old plans may be out of date, but sometimes they are better than nothing.

As for pretending to be the HTR team, you 'd have to know their SOPs, which I"m pretty sure you don't, so without enough mind control to affect the entire team or the ability and time to read their minds and get all of the required information, you won't be able to pose as them. Ambushing them may make them much easier to deal with, if you can manipulate the situation to give yourselves a tactical advantage.

If you have the cash, you ma be able to rig something for signal jamming. This won't affect any internal security, but might delay outside help. Drones are typically used for this role.

Also, cars only blow up with enough force to set off other cars when all of the cars involved are filled with unstable explosives. So blowup up cars in the parking lot will only work if you actively do something to each car, but do you really want a fire-fighting team there?

All of you can fly except for Bob, who probably won't be there at the start of the session. So if you can't think of another way to sneak in, flying in at night might work, just keep quiet while you get dressed after landing.

Next post for situation, and suggestions/comments from the NPCs.
You have been tasked by a spirit to take out the vampires that have hijacked a cult from a shadow spirit. Te spirit is clearly evil, but then, so are the vampires, and they've deliberately targeted you at least once. The spirit wants you to kill the vampyric leaders, and leave as much of the cult alive as possible. Then you go our separate ways, if you don' bother the cult, he promises that they won't bother you.

The building they are in appears to be a five story office building with two entrances, one in the back and one in the front. Both doors should have the same level of security, but you haven't gotten close enough to really tell yet. The back door isn't a service door, it seems to be a primary door.

The outside of the building doesn't give any clue as to the purpose of the building. People come and go regularly, but its hard to tell if they are all employees, or if some are customers.

The upper floors have balconies all the way around the building, and people are occasionally walking on them, including uniformed security guards.

The building to the left is another non-descript office building,but clearly leased offices, hence you have access to the building on the left. It is only four stores, so you can't use it to get above the vampire's building.

On the right, is a fast food restaurant. At least you ca sit nearby and watch without being too suspicious.

Derick suggests either flying to the roof, and hoping roof access isn't' securely guarded, and try to find the vampires starting there, or causing disturbance with spirits first by having an army of spirits break into the building, then waiting for a response team to arrive, and open the building for you. Possibly ambushing them literally in the doorway. It should take at least a minute for another team to arrive, and so long as you don't have to engage the vampires and the magical HTR team at the same time, you should be good. But pretending to be tem requires inside knowledge that you don't currently have. He also suggess carrying gel rounds in any guns you take in, to limit collateral damage, especially since the things you want to kill you will want to attack with magic anyways, so no need to unnecessarily add to the body count.

Sean volunteers great form spirits and possibly astral protection, but is too scared to show up in his meat body. Kenny can also get you a pair of great form spirits. They don't have the ritual materials, however, so you guys will have to fund those. (you can get 8 or 9 from derick and radcliff, and another 5 or 6 from kenny and sean. the freshmen members of the group are to weak yet to provide useful spirits).
1) Do you have any plan for finding the vampires once inside, or are you hoping they will come to you?

2) Do you ask for help from any of your contacts, if so, what do you tell them.

3) Are you going to make an effort to avoid (meta)human casualties?

4) Are you going to expose your draco forms.

5) If you can't prevent a call for help, where do you engage the HTR team? Inside, outside, en-route?

6) What do you do about local security and how do you get in (sneak in bypassing security or storm the building, or something in between).

7) What information do you try to get before going in? Who do you get it from?

You won't have answers to ALL of these questions before game, these are mostly things to think about. Your assigned goal is simple, get any vampires who appear to be leaders instead of mindless cultists. How you implement and what goals you may add are up to you.

Also, don't forget to think about the getaway plan, and what common items you might want to have handy. Something to attract your vampire targets instead of making you find them is also a good thing to think about.

Anyways, see you guys Saturday. What time can you guys be there (2pm is about the earliest I can get there, is that good for you guys). Please post any IC questions o legwork actions so I can think about answers before game. Also feel free to post IC discussions.
Then I have a backup for that particular SMG. I can't remember it right now, but I'll get it to you on Saturday.
A couple of thoughts:

I like the idea of jamming any signals into or out of the area. I don't know if we have the tech skills to pull it off, but if that delays the arrival of backup, so much the better.

1) I assume that the high-level and more important vampires will leave the building via some secret path once things look even remotely dangerous, leaving us with mid to lower level vampires, which are still extremely dangerous. Obviously, if all the vampires decide to gang up and kill us, our only real defense is an army of spirits and lots of fire power. As for figuring out which ones are vampires, I don't know how quickly we can do that magically (Masking is a pain), but I would guess that anything that fights back with serious force is probably a vampire.

2) Asking for help from contacts. Well, we can't tell the cops, obviously. We're speaking with the smuggler to get guns and gear. Joan at the magic shop might be able to help us in some fashion. Somebody needs to talk to her, IMHO. I don't see the newspaper guy being of too much use except maybe if he can give us any info on what might be going on in that building - rumors, stories that have been kept quiet, etc. Master Ken would probably explode if he knew what was going on. Not sure what else we can do in this area.

3) We don't want to blast the building to bits, burn everything, etc. Killing vampires is considered acceptable to a point, especially if there's a whole nest of them doing evil things. Shooting everything that moves, not so much. Also, there could, in theory, be prisoners in that building since vampires do need to eat and Aztech wage slaves probably make tasty meals. Some of them might be able to tell us something useful if interrogated later.

4) We should NOT expose our drake forms. The less they know about our power level, the better.

5) Finding a way to slow down or otherwise neutralize the HTR team before reaching the building would be impressive, though that would probably require RPG's, rocket launchers, etc. I'm assuming that they'll arrive in helicoptors and armored ground vehicles, which will take a good deal of firepower to destroy.

Now, if there was a way to give them false info, or at least confusing, conflicting info on top of the jamming, that might buy us even more time.

As for where we meet them, the non-magical response team we'd want to meet in a location where they cannot bring all their big guns to bear on us. So, we'd want to avoid any vehicle mounted weapons they may have, IMHO. As for a magical threat response team, that would be a mess depending upon the power and number of mages involved. Not sure if we can even hope to handle that.

6) Signal jamming is nice, a way to "cut" any hardlines so that they don't regist as cut immediately would also be nice, though I don't know how practical that is. Perhaps an "accident" with the hardlines - oops, the local utility company cut the cable line - sorry! Not sure if that is believable in the future, but it's an idea.

The danger of raw, brute force is that they can probably overpower us or at least keep us tied down long enough for the HTRT to arrive and block us in. Stealth would be preferred, with perhaps a distraction that is enough to warrent some attention but that is far less powerful than the party.. just enough to keep the guards looking the other way.

7) We still need building plans, even old ones, and any info about who might be there, what is going on, and any useful details on Aztech's HTR team aside from "they'll kill you real good."
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