Friday, August 07, 2009

Prep for raid on corporate vampires

At Takada's request...
Please post planning and questions for whenever we run the next game.

Ok, first things first, here is a shopping list I want to see if the Smuggler can get me:

2 Ares Predator IV Heavy Pistols
2 HK Urban Combat SMGs
1 Smartlink goggles
2 Silencers for the pistols
10 clips for each weapon (40 clips total)

Of course, what I actually purchase depends on how much it all costs. I got about 11k that I can spend on these items, more if it will take at least a month or more to get them.

Now for the tactics. Ok, I've come up with several different types of tactics that we have discussed and one I thought of on Monday or so. Here they are:

1. This is the first one we talked about, it is having a fire spirit appear in the parking lot and start destroying vehicles. When it starts, we try to get into the building and search for the vampires and take them out.

2. Another option for the one above, instead of using the fire spirit, we just try to rig it so that cloth or paper or whatever is soaked in gas and we put it down a gas tank of a car and light it, hoping it will set off one or two more. Or we set it up so more than one blows.

3. We set up some kind of very tiny, heavy duty wire to run down from the 4th floor of the building next to it, down to say the 3rd floor of our target building. Then we have something heavy slide down the rope so that it crashes through the window. It was talked about having some kind of fake bomb installed on this (since we don't have real explosives and we don't know how to make real explosives just yet). It would actually have a working timer on it so it looks like it is counting down. It could help in getting the non-essential people out of the building for us, but it should at least work as a distraction for us to get in to take out the vampires.

4. One that was sort of an add on to those above, we don't worry about storming the building, but we wait for the HRT team to respond. At which point we unload into them with everything that we have, spirits, weapons, magic, adepts and so forth.

5. The one above was also modified to say that we hold our spirits and one magic person back while the rest of the team enters to deal with the vampires. When the, hopefully, regular HRT arrives, we send in all the spirits to take them out.

6. This is the one that I came up with earlier this week. We find a good hacker. Someone that we can try and get as a regular working contact. We have him infiltrate the building's computers and security, so that when we do enter, the alarm cannot be sounded to get an HRT there, or at least, hopefully, hold the signal off as long as possible.

7. One I just came up with while writing this. We get an HRT to respond, and we ambush them before they get to the area. At which point we take their gear and pose as the HRT team that responds to the signal.

8. Another one I just came up with, we try to trip the alarms as much as possible and hopefully they will either take it offline to get it looked at or they don't even bother sending a recon astral person to look into it. This could take a while and we might need a hacker for this one as well.

Most of these that we taked about involves us not using heavy magic, like the adepts not using their powers, magic users not throwing heavy spells, maybe not even casting, and trying to hide the spirits (however that can be done in astral).

Ok, that is about all I have for tactics. Now, what I'm going to try and do is to try and find a hacker. Either looking for him on the net or trying to find hangouts locally that they would inhabit. Maybe the one person that is "working" for the Triad might be able to find some info on one or know of one through the Triad place.
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