Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post July 11 wrap up and karma

Radcliff: 10
Markus: 10
Bob: 10

Finally changed.
For those who weren't there, at a school sponsored new years eve party and fireworks display, you were attacked. During the confusion of the attack, you watched your friends go down to bugs or vampires, only to have small dragons appear to combat the magical threats. You remember finally succumbing to injuries shortly after the appearance of a great dragon. You woke up in a hospital, and were released the same day, mostly healed and no sign of the lethal injuries you remembered receiving.

For those who have astral perception, all of your auras now look like small dragons unless you mast it. With some trial-and-error, you discovered that you can make your aura look like it used to without masking, however, changing your aura THAT way has the side effect of turning you into a small dragon. (everyone needs to choose a dragon type, more on that below). The transformation makes you dual natured, and doesn't include any of your clothes or other gear (by the way, you all need to replace your concealable armor).

You now all eat like Lubu, like an apex predator (you need a lot of food, mostly meat, although you still like any veggies you liked before), and occasionally wake up in the shape of a dragon. Belinda doesn't seem to notice any changes in any of you, although the other members of the magic group seem to be worried about you (like you were once worried about Lubu).

In your dragon shape, you get hardened and mystic armor (4), enhanced senses, a natural attack (str/2+2, pen 0), and elemental attack (fire). You are also dual natured in dragon form. You gain attribute and other bonuses depending on dragon type (western is most common):

Western: You have wings and can fly, and get +1 reach, +4 body, +5 strength.

Eastern (oriental): You can fly (but don't have wings), you have opposable thumbs (other drakes don't), and get +2 agility, +2 body and +2 strength.

Feathered Serpent: No forelimbs at all, you have feathered wings and can fly, you get a poisonous stinger (tail) and +2 reaction, +2 body, and +2 agility).

Sea Drake: You DON'T have wings and cannot fly, you can't run on land but gain a swim speed and can breath water. You get +2 reaction +2 body and +2 strength.

You will need the active skills "Fly" and "elemental attack (fire)" to maneuver well while flying or use your fire breath. You can learn the power "Dragon Speech" as a metamagic ability if you get a dragon to teach you, and can pay 15 karma to change your breath weapon to another energy type (which is a different skill, so change before you learn the skill if you want a different energy type).

School goes on as normal, remember, you need professional skills and all attributes at least at rating 4 before you graduate (just make sure you're on track). Master Ken has increased your training intensity since Markus told him about his own change, almost like he's trying to induce the change in the rest of you. (It still takes a willpower (2) test to control the change).

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