Sunday, July 19, 2009

Port 7/19/2009 Karma, wrap-up and downtime

Bob: 6 (a few predictions you made but won't remember were correct)
Radcliff: 5
Markus: 5
Takada: 5

Bob: You classmates have given you a video recording of the cultists carrying out a sacrifice to give to your law enforcement buddy, along with the location of the unconscious cultists.

As a whole, the group has access to the following contacts: Cutter (smuggler), Sam (19 year-old college student), Joan (Tallislegger), Lt. James (occult detective), Alec (pawn shop owner who does a side business in illegal small arms), Joseph (new reporter), Serric (Ares corporate recruiter).

Your magic group has five NPCs in it: Derric (lucky, hemetic mage, common drake, elf), Kenny (human magical adept, upper-classman, christian theurge, has invokin metamagic), Sean (Elven norse mage, good enchanter), Sara (Shinto priestess), and Karyn (dragon shaman).

Recap for party loot: 2 force 4 daggers, 1 force 4 shortsword (str/2+2, AP 0), 2 force five power foci, and one force 6 sustaining focus (health).

Please describe or discuss downtime actions before next game in this thread.

Things to work on:

- Getting our boat upgraded in various ways. We were looking into a security system (not sure how much that would cost), and I'm wondering what else we can do with the chem lab. Can we refine agents onboard? How about a forensics lab? Although I doubt anyone has the needed skills for that, but it's a thought. Also, Andy might want some tech-related upgraded (free wi-fi?) so he can do "tech stuff" without drawing quite as much attention.

- Finding a way to use the boat to make money in a sane and reliable fashion. The group can chip in on ideas here, but if there is a way to use the boat to make some money in a way that won't get us all killed/imprisoned or the boat destroyed, I'd like to hear it.

- Summer project: foreign travel is encouraged, as is something non-profit. Since my character is part American Indian, he'd logically like to go to one of the relatively new Amer-Indian nations. Other folks would probably want to go someplace else.

I guess the question is: what is our goal of this trip? It won't be for profit since it is charity, so information or contacts are what we need. So, where does that lead us: 1) Are there any places where we might be able to find info related to our current situation that we wouldn't already have? 2) What type of contacts are we looking for and where might we get a job to meet up with them?

Just ideas to toss around: We haven't done a lot with: The Ares contact, the Occult researcher, and the smuggler is new. Maybe we can somehow relate those to our summer job? Maybe one of our contacts has a suggestion for us - if we go someplace and do work, on the side we could help them out (investigate something, deliver something, etc.) and they would owe us a favor, which is always good.
Are we going to get a new topic? I've been waiting to post tactics and such since Saturday, but no new topic to put it in. :(
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